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GM Coils

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GM Coils will give you superior flavour and will last longer than the average coil, not to mention be cheaper!

This isn't a mass-produced, low-quality product. GM coils are handmade in Canada with the highest quality wire. Before being packaged, all coils are washed with an ultrasonic cleaner in a sterile environment to give you the cleanest possible product.

Each order comes with 2 coils

Fused Clapton Series
-28g Kanthal + 38g N80
-8 wraps on 3mm
-0.41 Ω(dual) / 0.82 Ω(single)

Fused Clapton Small
26g KANTHAL + 38g TM N80
5 wraps on 2.5mm
0.17 Ω(dual) 0.34 Ω(dual)

Same diameter as the X-Small Fused Clapton but it's made with 26g instead of 28 allowing it to heat up faster and create more vapor. This coil is good with your small RDAS Flavor drippers or Small Decked RTAS. Nice little coil for a flavor build.

Fused Clapton Medium
26g Kanthal + 38g N80
6 wraps on 3mm
0.20 Ω(dual) 0.40 Ω(single)

This coil is a hybrid between Flavor and Clouds, I recommend these coils if you want something not too expensive and amazing performance. The Medium Fused Clapton’s are my top selling coils.

Fused Clapton High Ohm
28g 316LSS + 38g N80
8 wraps on 3mm
0.24 Ω(dual) 0.48 Ω(single)

The Same coil as the Series Fused Clapton but used with 316 L stainless steel. With 8 wraps it has a large surface area to give you great flavor.

Medium Alien
26g Kanthal + 36g TM N806 wraps on 3mm
6 wraps on 3mm
0.22 Ω(dual) 0.44 Ω(single)

This is one of my top selling and most popular coils because they give amazing flavor on both mechanical mods and regulated devices. They have a large surface area to give great flavor also because they are 3mm they fit on most atomizers.

Dragon Scale Alien
26g Nichrome + 38g TM N80
5 wraps on 3mm
0.15 Ω(dual) 0.30 Ω(single)

My latest and greatest creation, these coils give me the best flavor because they have large pockets on each side of the wire to absorb a lot of e-juice. When you fire these bad boys up you will see Fireworks.

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