Relx Nano Disposable eCig

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The Relx Nano is a disposable closed-pod system. Offering a variety of flavors, the Nano is a great choice for consumers that aren't commited to investing in a full kit in either the Classic or Alpha, or simply enjoy the capablity to dispose of the whole unit. Despite the Nano being fully disposable, the fit and finish of the unit is of quality craftmanship. Once the liquid is empty, dispose the whole unit away. There is approximately 250-350 puffs in each pod

Pod Capacity: 1.2 mL, 1.4 mL
Package Contents
1x Relx Nano Disposable eCig


Peach Oolong
Revive your day with a sweet and juicy Peach Oolong.

Watermelon Ice
Sunbathing in Greece with this cool watermelon blend.

White Frost
A tasty and refreshing ice cold slush beverage with a splash of menthol added for extra coolness.

Dark Sparkle
A refreshing ice classic drink flavor with chilling menthol added.

The chill in the air, a welcoming friend just like the icy mint vapor tantalizing your senses.

Classic Tobacco
The salty air brings with it the aroma of classic tobacco, enveloping quiet moments by the seaside.

Lemon Tea
A splash of zingy lemon mixed into sweet iced tea, the perfect complement to sunny brunches.

Blueberry with a splash of menthol added for extra coolness.