Excise Tax

On Jan 1st, 2021 the government of Canada will be implementing a excise tax on any vaping products that contain e-liquid. The increase will be implemented on that date or sooner depending on supplier stock

What It Means for Consumers

Essentially what this means is that vaping products that contain e-liquid are going to cost more. The first 10ml of e-liquid would be taxed at $1.00 for every 2ml which would be a total of $5.00. Any amount above 10ml would be taxed at a rate of $1.00 per additional 10 ml. It means that a 30ml bottle of e-liquid would cost an addition $7.00, a 60ml would be an additional $10.00 and so on. This is an average price increase of approximately 30%.

How much will prices increase?

What we recommend

We recommend stocking up on your favorite e-liquids, disposables, and pre-filled pods as soon as possible to avoid these price increase for as long as possible.