Koil Killaz Rampage
    Luscious pink guava, sun-ripened mango, and sweet pineapple-picked fresh from the jungle, then thrashed into this bottle of frenzy-inducing...
    Berry Blast - a fabulous mixture of raspberries, strawberries, and other exotic berries.
    We are all familiar with “sour” flavors but this is a one of a kind. Sweet and smooth raspberry...
    A mixture of ripe honeydew melon with freezing cold menthol
    Crispy red apple flavour with a tart finish 
    Mango - Sweet and ripe tropical mangoes.
    Zesty meets sweet with this one! Say hello to an exotic twist between sweet and zesty grapefruit and...
    A unique mix of tarty and fresh passion fruit with a mild sweet, fresh taste of aloe vera,...
    Refreshing menthol with a hint of mixed berries 
    Blue Raspberry - A burst of sour blue raspberry with a symphony of sweetness.
    Chill Raspberry Watermelon
    Sour candied blue raspberries twisted up with juicy watermelons for a blend that will surely twist your tastebuds!...
    An explosion of juicy, sweet mangos cultivated fresh from the tropics that will leave your senses tantalized with...
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