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Buy Vuse Pods - Offering a Throat Hit Like No Other Vape Pod!

Introducing VUSE Pods (wholly owned subsidiary of British American Tobacco), is a leading brand in prefilled pods systems in the vape market today. From the first puff the user is immediately captivated by the smooth, quiet, yet responsive auto-draw that closely ressembles a cigarette draw. This Pod System is designed for smokers looking to make the transition to a healthier alternative, and it's never been easier until now.

With over 30 flavours to pick from, finding one that fits your preference is a guarantee; popular flavours include 3 different salt nicotine strengths - 18mg (1.8%), 12mg (1.2%), and 0mg (nicotine-free). Each pack of Pods contain 2 pre filled pods, each pod is pre-filled with 1.9ml of e-liquid. Make the transition from smoking today with VUSE Pods, and if you're an experienced vaper, experience the best mouth-to-lung system to date - Buy VUSE at!

Please note: Vuse electronic cigarettes products contain nicotine, keep out of reach of children.

Vuse Vape Pods are fully compatible with the complete VUSE Vape Devices product line: EPod 2, and EPod 2+ devices.

Click here for the Vuse EPod 2 Devices.

Click here for the Vuse EPod 2 Plus Device.

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Popular Flavours:

  • Polar Mint - Classic peppermint that is cool and refreshing
  • Blueberry - Sweet blueberry with underlying tones of berries finished with a slight tartness
  • Mango - Juicy and refreshing tropical mango
  • Vanilla - Sweet vanilla that is not only rich but smooth and creamy
  • Cucumber - The freshness of a cucumber combined with a zesty and tangy finish
  • Watermelon - A wonderfully juicy and delicious watermelon flavour. An all day vape for sure!
  • Berry - The perfect blend of cherry and other red colored fruits
  • Strawberry - A fusion of ripe strawberry and other green fruit flavours
  • Peach - Juicy white fuzzy white peach that is just simply amazing!
  • Passionfruit - A wonderfully tropical and yummy passionfruit
  • Blood Orange - Orange and pomegranate is a unique and deliciously citrusy combination!
  • Iced Mango - An explosion mango flavour with an icy kick!


Draw activated (No button required)

The responsive Draw Activated mechanism provides users a quiet and smooth experience, all while delivering a powerful throat hit.

Magnetic Fitted Pods

The Magnetic strips at the bottom of the Pod holds firmly onto the Vuse Epod Device, securing a reliable connection that ensures a reliable flow of electricity, that enriches the vaping experience.


  • 1.9ml of E-Liquid per Pod
  • Nicotine strengths: 18mg (1.8%), 12mg (1.2%), 0mg (0%)

Package Contents:

  • 2 x Pre Filled Pods
  • Manufactured by Vuse Canada

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is 2% nicotine a lot in a vape?

In Canada, the highest nicotine content available is 2%, which is equivalent to 20mg/ml. With that being said, 2% nicotine is typically sufficient and primarily used by individuals seeking to quit a long-standing cigarette addiction.

How long does a Vuse Pod usually last?

They contain 1.9ml of e liquid, which is approximately 275 puffs per Pod.

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