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Introducing the Vuse Go XL – a sleek, pocket-friendly, ready-to-use disposable vape with a beautiful aluminum chassis. It's powered by an 800mAh non-rechargeable internal battery, providing up to 1500 puffs. Each device comes pre-filled with 4.8ml of e-liquid and offers a choice of 21 delicious flavours to suit your taste.

In a market with many electronic cigarettes to choose from, the Go XL provides a throat hit like no other. The draw activation is responsive, immediately providing a cigarette-like feel the moment you take a puff. Furthermore, the 20mg/mL (1.8% w/w) nicotine strength provides the satisfaction to help you fully commit to quit smoking. Buy Vuse now, and choose your vaping device at

This product contains nicotine, keep out of reach of children. Nicotine can be dangerous for breast feeding women persons, pregnant or breast feeding Mothers.

Popular Flavours

  • Blueberry Ice: An wonderfully sweet and icy wild blueberry
  • Grape Ice: A refreshing and sweet grape mixed in with ice that is perfect for your all day vape
  • Berry Blend: An amazingly delicious blend of your favourite berries
  • Strawberry Ice: Ripe summer strawberries with an icy kick
  • Berry Watermelon: Tart berries combined with juicy watermelon
  • Creamy Tobacco: A slightly sweet tobacco with a creamy finish
  • Mango Ice: Ripe tropical mangos with a cool exhale. A go to all day vape!
  • Mint Ice: A perfect vape for all mint lovers. Mint with an icy exhale
  • Watermelon Ice: A cold and juicy and ripe watermelon that is both tasty and refreshing

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Draw Activated

The Draw Activated system provides users with a superb mouth-to-lung vaping experience. It is responsive and has a tight draw with a strong throat hit!

1500 Puffs

The 800mAh internal battery is capable of 1500 Puffs, guaranteed! Pre filled at a capacity of 4.8ml, the battery is more than capable of emptying the tank.

Comfortable Anodized Aluminum Finish

At first glance the GO XL is beautifully sleek, with it's core encased in a sturdy anodized aluminum chassis. At first touch, the aluminum gives the GO XL a smooth and sleek premium feel.

Compact Design

Designed to be pocket-friendly, easy to carry and easy to use. The Vuse Go XL easily slips into your pocket, and easy to take out. Everything about the Go XL feels premium, making this an excellent for vapers looking for something simple yet effective.


  • 4.8mls of eliquid
  • Nicotine: 20mg (1.8% w,w)
  • Manufactured by Vuse Canada (Wholly owned subsidiary of British American Tobacco).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is using a Vuse better than a cigarette?

Vaping and smoking has long been the center of many debates and discussions. Vaping uses conduction and smoking uses combustion which are two very different things. These two processes have completely different chemical by-products, and completely different outcomes.

Vaping e-liquids only contain four ingredients. They are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavouring and nicotine. It also produces the vapor with conduction, which heats the liquid but does not burn it.

Smoking combustible tobacco undergoes a chemical process known as combustion, that produces enormous amounts of unwanted by-products. These by-products has long been documented for decades to cause numerous health hazards. Vaping has long been accepted as a harm reductive alternative to traditional cigarette smoking; however, vaping may still present harmful long-term side-effects.

What is the difference between Vuse Go and XL

Although almost identical products, the GO is capable of up to 500 Puffs; where as, the Go XL offers up to 1500 Puffs.

How long does a Vuse Go XL last?

The Go XL will last up to 1500 Puffs, each Go XL contains 4.8ml of e liquid. The puff count is based on laboratory testing using a simulated puff counter; however, results may vary for each individual.