JUUL Replacement Pods 5%
JUUL - Pre filled Replacement Pods - Pack of 4 MintFruitMangoCucumberVanillaVirginia Tobacco Golden Tobacco
JUUL Replacement Pods 3%
JUUL - Pre filled Replacement Pods - Pack of 4 - 30mg MintFruitMangoCucumberVanillaVirginia Tobacco
JUUL - Device and USB Charger The Starter Kit includes: Rechargeable JUUL device USB Charger
JUUL Starter Kit with 4 Pods and Charger
The all new, JUUL E-Cig is an extraordinary piece that the entire industry has been raving about. These little e-cigs...
Juul Prefilled Replacement Pods 1.5% Pack of 4MintFruitMangoCucumberVirginia Tobacco
Juul Portable Charging Case
The JUUL portable charging case allows you to charge your JUUL device while you’re on the go. EASY...
OVNS Charging Cable
The JUUL C1 Connected Device is an easy to use, compact and lightweight vape device, designed for smokers...