JUUL Replacement Pods 5%
JUUL - Pre filled Replacement Pods - Pack of 4 MintFruitMangoCucumberVanillaVirginia Tobacco
Silky StrawberrySweet juicy strawberries that'll satisfy your sweet tooth BlueberrySubtle batch of freshly picked blueberries Mango A nice sweet...
JUUL Replacement Pods 3%
JUUL - Pre filled Replacement Pods - Pack of 4 - 30mg MintFruitMangoCucumberVanillaVirginia Tobacco
JUUL - Device and USB Charger The Starter Kit includes: Rechargeable JUUL device USB Charger
Ceramic coil refillable empty pod cartridge for JUUL. Multi coloured 4 pack.
The all new, JUUL E-Cig is an extraordinary piece that the entire industry has been raving about. These little e-cigs...
Juul Prefilled Replacement Pods 1.5% Pack of 4Virginia TobaccoRich Unmistakable American TobaccoMangoRipe Mango with a hint of Tropical...
Take your charger everywhere you take your JUUL, and never be in the red.SpecificationsSmall, sleek designNo messy cablesCharge...
OVNS JC01 Starter Kit
    The OVNS JC01 is the perfect small form factor device for nicotine salt vape juices. The JC01 features...
    Replacement pod cartridges for the OVNS JC01 Starter Kit. Also compatible with JUUL Pods. Specification: 3 pack 1.8ohm...
    Plus Pods Blue Raspberry Juul Compatible Pods
    Blue Raspberry is the newest premium flavor, bursting with a complex, tart and sweet flavor profile. hit.  Plus Pods...
    Ziip Iced Multipack Pods Juul Compatible
    Iced Mango, Iced Pina Colada, Iced Strawberry and Iced Watermelon in one.Package contents:Ziip Iced Multipack  - Compatible Pods for JUUL...
    $19.99 $14.99