Over the next coming weeks, VYPE products will transition to VUSE branding and packaging.VYPE and VUSE pods are...
Device and 1 pack of pods for $12.99
Vuse/Vype Solo Device
Vuse/Vype Smooth Tobacco (2pk)
Vuse/Vype Smooth Mint (2pk)
Vuse/Vype Aromatic Tobacco (2pk)
Vuse/Vype Cool Peppermint (2pk)
Vuse/Vype Rich Tobacco (2pk)
Vuse/Vype Lemon Berry (2pk)
Vuse/Vype Watermelon (2pk)
Vuse/Vype Blueberry (2pk)
Vuse/Vype Lychee (2pk)
Vuse/Vype Passionfruit (2pk)
Vuse/Vype Berry (2pk)
Vuse/Vype Blood Orange (2pk)
Vuse/Vype Cucumber (2pk)
Vuse/Vype Polar Mint (2pk)
Vuse/Vype Vanilla (2pk)
Vuse/Vype Mango (2pk)
Vuse/Vype Golden Tobacco (2pk)
Vuse/Vype Strawberry (2pk)