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Vuse (formally Vype) is a sleek, light and discreet closed pod system.

Vuse Canada owned by British American Tobacco was introduced into the Canadian market in 2018 when it started it's life as Vype. Since then the Vuse vape has drastically improved and has now become one of the most popular vape devices in the market today.

Vuse pods come in 1.6% salt nicotine. They come in packs of 2 and each contain 1.9ml of e-liquid. Vuse pods also come in all types of flavours, from fruit, tobacco and mint to even flavour free. Some flavours also have no nicotine and BOLD+ options.

The Vuse ePod 2 device is a sleek, light and discreet closed pod system. The ePod 2 is the quietest draw activated device on the market today. It is extremely easy to use with it's magnetic fit pods. This mouth to lung vape is a perfect device for the smoker looking to make the transition. The device comes standard with a charger, pods are sold separately.

Popular Vuse Pod Flavours:

  • Polar Mint - Classic peppermint that is cool and refreshing
  • Blueberry - Sweet blueberry with underlying tones of berries finished with a slight tartness
  • Mango - Juicy and refreshing tropical mango
  • Vanilla - Sweet vanilla that is not only rich but smooth and creamy
  • Cucumber - The freshness of a cucumber combined with a zesty and tangy finish
  • Watermelon - A wonderfully juicy and delicious watermelon flavour. An all day vape for sure!
  • Berry - The perfect blend of cherry and other red colored fruits
  • Strawberry - A fusion of ripe strawberry and other green fruit flavours
  • Peach - Juicy white fuzzy white peach that is just simply amazing!
  • Passionfruit - A wonderfully tropical and yummy passionfruit
  • Blood Orange - Orange and pomegranate is a unique and deliciously citrusy combination!
  • Iced Mango - An explosion mango flavour with an icy kick!

Vuse Vape Features and Specifications:

  • Sleek and compact design
  • Draw activated (No button required)
  • A nice quiet draw (no burbling)
  • Magnetic fitted pods
  • Ceramic coil for a smoother vape
  • 350mAh battery
  • Splash proof design
  • Fast charging (Vuse proprietary charger)
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